Algunos títulos sugeridos:
  • Physics of Atoms and Molecules“, B. H. Brandsen, C. J. Joachain.
  • Computational Physics“, J. M. Thijssen.
  • Lectures on Atomic Physics“, W. R. Johnson.
  • Computational Atomic Structure, an MCHF approach “, C. Froese Fischer, T. Brage, P. Jonsson.
  • Molecular Electronic-Structure Theory“, T. Helgaker, P. Jorgensen, J. Olsen.
  • Química Cuántica“, I. N. Levine.
  • Atoms, Molecules and Photons“, W. Demtröder.
  • Density Functional Theory of Atoms and Molecules“, Parr and Yang.
  • Modern Quantum Chemistry, Introduction to Advanced Electronic Structure Theory“, A Szabo y N.S Ostlund.

Lecturas Auxiliares Recomendadas


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