Publicaciones actuales sobre Mecánica Cuántica:

  1. Quantum interference experiments with large molecules: interference ; errinterf
  2. Electron diffraction at multiple slits: multiple_slit
  3. Quantum tunneling time: tunclock: tunclock
  4. Quantum-mechanical tunneling: tun1
  5. Probable observation of the Josephson superconducting tunneling effect: joseph2
  6. The scanning tunneling microscope (artículo escrito por los inventores): tunmicroscope
  7. Proton tunneling in DNA and its biological implications: adn
  8. Entanglement (paper original): QMteleportationentanglement (reseña histórica); entang2012 (un experimento reciente)
  9. Experimental quantum teleportation: teleportation
  10. Deterministic quantum teleportation between distant atomic objects: quantum teleportation
  11. Motion of electrons on atomic scale: attosecond
  12. On the reality of the quantum state: qmreality
  13. A boost for quantum reality: wfreality
  14. Extreme atoms: extreme_atoms
  15. The enigmatic electron: electron
  16. What is really real? qm_what is real
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