Papers for “Preparing for Staphys 2019″


Students (in teams of 4 students) are invited to prepare a 15 minutes long presentation, based on a paper from the list below. They can also suggest a different presentation, the first day of the school.

The format is free. The students can choose to describe the paper, frame it in the context of the school ,or the Statphys 2019, or try to reproduce a result.



continuous opinion dynamics

Evolution of language

Small world

Origin of species by sympatric speciation

Synchronization in complex networks

Turbulence and coherent structures

Machine learning and models

Symmetries and network dynamics

From Kuramoto to macroscopic equations

Permutation entropy

Evolutionary dynamics of games

Synthetic biology

Reservoir computing

Topology of chaos

Patterns in sea shells

Self organized criticallity

The chemical basis of morphogenesis

Hodgkin and Huxley

Scale free correlations in flocksDissemination of culture

Nonequilibrium transitions in complex networks

Functional networks

Phase transitions in models of social influence

Structure and function of complex networks

Complex networks

Scale free dynamics in the brain

Spread of behavior

normal forms for birdsong, and brain´s reaction

diSantoVillegasBurioniMuñoz.Landau-Ginzburg theory or cortical dynamics

Brain Organization Resting State

DynamicalcSynapses leading to SOC

Phases and the Stretching of Criticality in Brain Networks


are biological systems critical?


Statistical physics of social dynamics

watts Cascade Model

degroot consensus

Anatomy of Rumor

Voter with Inertia

Competition between Languages

Opinion Dynamics

Climate Networks

Continuous opinion dynamics

Noisy Voter Model

Homophily Science




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